There’s nothing like a good book!

23 April was World Book Day, originally conceived to coincide with the death date of Cervantes – after changing from his birth date – and hugely popular in the form of the day of Sant Jordi in Catalonia.

These days I buy most books through an ebook, as it is cheaper and very convenient. However, I must admit that I sometimes miss paper books: the smell of bookshops, the feel of the book in your hand, the way they look on a shelf, being able to ‘browse’ your own collection at home, to be able to lend and borrow more easily, to treat them as family possessions or heirlooms and to give them as gifts like in Catalonia, of course! So, why not remember how important paper books have been, and will continue to be, by looking at some vocabulary about books as physical objects. Click on the picture below to turn the first page!

Ed Taylor (Head of Studies at King’s Training)

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